Why Peter Gourri?

“You’ve created amazing success in your life and career but still feel unfulfilled! You are not alone!”

Hi, my name is Peter Gourri, although most people call me Pete. I am a Brit living in the New York area, who works with clients all over the world. I felt the same way as you. Looking in from the outside I had the perfect life. I was a successful Attorney, a Senior Officer in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Training Branch, and a Liveryman in the City of London. I was the CAO of a company in Manhattan with all the lifestyle trimmings that come with those positions. A nice house, cars, motorbikes, social circle and status! I had achieved everything I could but, still I felt as if I had nothing. I was the ultimate over achieving under achiever!

I was unfulfilled and empty inside! I kept asking myself, what is my purpose? Why am I here?

I worked hard every hour I could and put my relationships, family and friends second place behind my clients and work. My relationships broke down and my health severely suffered through the stress and hard living.

I existed, but I was not living!

I finally decided to make changes! I got chatting with a Master life coach about the work which was involved to become a qualified business and life coach. The coach pointed out that I had so much going on in my life that before I could help others, I needed to help myself. He invited me to work with him as my life coach!

During the time working with him, my life started to change more than I could possibly imagine. I am a new person, more relaxed and fulfilled than ever! My relationships with my family and friends as well as my health and wellness, have all improved beyond recognition.

I AM a business and life coach! And with more than 30 years of legal, business and most importantly, practical life experience. I help others to obtain clarity to create the life they want rather than simply existing in the life they’re ended up with!

I am very proud to be a member of the International Coach Federation and abide by their ethics as well as requirements for coaches, insisting on the highest levels of professionalism. I graduated as a Life Coach with the internationally acclaimed coach training provider Accomplishment Coaching, where I also worked as a Mentor Coach training the next generation of Ontological Life Coaches.

Coaching works!
I grew up in London, United Kingdom and moved to the United States in 2016. I think of the States as my home but still have strong roots to the UK which I visit several times a year. My parents were both immigrants who arrived in the UK with next to nothing and ran the family business which was a car repair shop. Both my parents were mechanics. My Irish mother taught me how to repair and service cars whilst my Greek Cypiot father taught me how to do bodywork. From a young age, they taught me to have a strong work ethic as well as believing in service above self, and never to expect anything from anyone else. I had to work to earn my allowance! Those early influences made me work hard in whatever tasks I chose to take on in my life.

After finishing high school I became a junior law clerk and then a lawyer, spending the large majority of my career with law firms in the City of London. After a very successful career in private practice advising both large as well as small businesses and individuals, I moved to the United States to become the Chief Admin Officer of a multi-national consultancy based in New York City, NY.

Having spent two years in that corporate world, I decided that it was time that I made significant changes in my life and do something that would make a positive difference to others as well as challenge me personally. Life coaching, mentoring, teaching and advising was always my strongpoint through my 30 years in the legal profession and business. I love to see the results of a client gaining confidence or purpose with their lives. When a client has a “breakthrough” moment, there is nothing more rewarding to a coach!

If you would like to see if coaching is right for you, I invite you to book a free consultation, with no strings attached, by emailing: coaching@petergourri.com
Pete Gourri – Life & Business Coach

'I am able to deal with situations much more calmly, look outside myself and understand what is happening has nothing to do with me, and build my confidence. '

Jenna Firshein