Thinking about Contingency Planning

Just checking in on everyone. I hope you are all well and getting into a routine for both self-imposed and enforced Isolation. A reminder that if you would like help gaining clarity or even just a chat, book a slot with me using my Calendly link that manages my calendar. No sales pitch, no agenda, just a small act of […]

Martin Luther King Day

What does MLK day really mean? An opportunity for politicians to show some extremely tenuous link to the man? An opportunity to reflect on all that is wrong in the world or perhaps even a chance to criticize the man himself and all his faults of which he had many! For me it was an opportunity to reflect on the […]

The Party is over! What will you create in 2020?

Did you have a great party? Make loads of New Years Resolutions. New year, new me! This ones going to be different! 2020 is my year? You get the gist right? Social media is full of these types of messages and for some reason we feel this inexplicable reason to tell everyone even though in our heart of hearts we’ve […]

Fantastic weekend in Chicago

I have just returned from Chicago which was pretty cold but for me the weekend was glowing with warmth. I was undertaking some additional training with Accomplishment Coaching. They are the institution that I obtained my coaching qualifications through. I had the opportunity to engage with my fellow coaches and it was inspirational. I will start with week overflowing with […]