The dynamic of feedback

I have just sent out my first ever newsletter using Mailchimp and I’m finding the unsubscribes rather fascinating. Most are simple removal requests which I had hoped for so that my subscribers list can be cleaned up. What I find fascinating are some of the comments which are full of frustration and judgment. Imagine if they simply unsubscribed and relieves […]

Anxiety And That Sunday Evening Feeling!

As I write this article it is Sunday night, I have the Oscar ceremony playing on my second computer screen and I am thinking about Monday as well as what is on my list of things to do, appointments, and other commitments. I’m busy, really very busy, and I also have to fit in a trip to the doctors for […]

Friday Fix

Think about what you would like to achieve this weekend? Go on and enjoy yourself. You have to have time to relax and recharge your batteries!

Wednesday Wonder

How’s your week going? Have you given any thought as to how having long term plans might make your journey easier to visualise? Why not give it some thought to see?