Monday Mission

It’s Monday! Start your week with positivity. Clear your mind of anything which is going to stop you achieving your goals! Don’t over extend yourself. Have sensible objectives and don’t be afraid to have baby steps!

Groundhog Day 2019

Today is Groundhog Day when a small and arguably cute creature will indicate whether we have an early spring or 8 more weeks of winter! It’s has been proven, surprisingly you might think, that the predictions have no scientific standing whatsoever and in fact have largely been incorrect…… The day is also held as synonymous with the 1993 movie “Groundhog […]

Friday Fix

The week didn’t go well? Don’t beat yourself up! Celebrate your achievements, regroup, review and enjoy your weekend!

Reasons to hire a Life Coach

I was at an event last weekend and was trying to think of my sales pitch and why anyone should, or for that matter, would want to hire a Life or Business Coach! That is not to say I doubt a reason to do so. On the contrary I know the value and power of Coaching because I have been […]