Friday “Fix”

Welcome to my Friday Fix! These are my suggestions for you to end your working week! It’s the end of the week! Give a thought about anything negative which has happened this week and put it to bed. It’s in the pass and no longer matters! Clear yourself and get ready for the weekend! Remember how amazing you are and […]

Monday Mission

Start your week with conviction! Prepare a “To Do List” on Monday and keep a track throughout the week of your tasks! Don’t be afraid to review your actions and revise accordingly within reason!

Wednesday Wonder!

How’s that task list coming along? If you’ve had a breakdown in completing your tasks, don’t worry, just review and revise it! We all have to have Breakdowns, in order to achieve Breakthroughs!

Reasons to hire a Life Coach

I was at an event last weekend and was trying to think of my sales pitch and why anyone should, or for that matter, would want to hire a Life or Business Coach! That is not to say I doubt a reason to do so. On the contrary I know the value and power of Coaching because I have been […]