Wednesday Wonder!

How’s that task list coming along? If you’ve had a breakdown in completing your tasks, don’t worry, just review and revise it! We all have to have Breakdowns, in order to achieve Breakthroughs!

Monday Mission

Start your week with conviction! Prepare a “To Do List” on Monday and keep a track throughout the week of your tasks! Don’t be afraid to review your actions and revise accordingly within reason!

Why would anyone need a life coach!

An interesting question came up today which directly affects my future career plans but it occurs to me also my past. I’ll explain! Over ten years ago I was a successful but stressed out lawyer with no life or even less joy in my life. This was not caused by the loved ones and friends around me but by me, […]

Hello and welcome to petergourri.com

Welcome to my website! Hello and thank you for reading my first post!  I hope you find my insights helpful. I help people to have better lives and business. I do this utilizing the skills I have a acquired through 30 years of business, and as part of my continuous efforts to improve my knowledge as well as skills to […]