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I am a Business, Life and Leadership Coach who helps individuals and businesses to become more successful. As an Ontological Coach, it is all about the Coach partnering with the client to promote thought provoking and creative processes that inspire and help clients to be able to maximize their full potential, whether that be in their business or personal life.

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Corporate Coaching Working collaboratively with your organization, Pete will design a coaching program that matches content to the needs of your organization. The method of delivery is also customized to optimize the impact for your team -- whether it be one-on-one coaching, small group sessions, team coaching or a combination of these modes. Ideal candidates for Corporate Coaching may include:
• Individual contributors or managers who are “high performers” and who want to further develop their leadership skills and contributions to the organization
• Executives and other contributors who are faced with imminent career changes
• Individual contributors who are no longer performing or who have “checked-out”
• Individual contributors who are experiencing high levels of stress and pressure
• Individual contributors who are overwhelmed and at risk of facing burn-out
• Individuals recently promoted to a managerial position for the first time, or whose promotion to such a position is imminent In addition to specific measures created with your organization, participants may benefit from Corporate Coaching in the following ways:
• Increased understanding & confidence: Participants have an opportunity to be seen and heard. Participants have support, accountability and partnership around what is next for them professionally and personally.
• Increased capacity: Participants learn how to manage priorities and balance time with commitments. Participants can do more with new-found capacity and ease.
• Greater productivity: Participants learn skills to balance their professional and personal lives, enabling more ownership and pride in their tasks.
• Achieving greater results: Participants become innovative leaders who are able to build teams aligned with your company's core values.
• Being more committed: Participants will experience more satisfaction in their roles, increasing their dedication and confidence.
• Leadership development: Participants will learn techniques to improve their communication skills, enabling them to understand their impact within your organization.

Group Coaching is a powerful opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals up to big things, reap immense value from a structured and effective program, and benefit from the support and accountability of others to whom you can relate and share a personal journey. The structure of group coaching is 3 group calls per month (1.5 hours each) plus a monthly one-on-one call with me (1 hour each). Group coaching is a five-month commitment, strictly limited to four people per group. There will be areas of practice (outside of the weekly calls) and additional calls and structures in place to support you in reaching your goals. />

Leadership and Communication training sessions for CEO's, professionals and executives, especially attorneys and other professionals, who have either hit a crossroads or just need that extra help to make their life more effective and fulfilling!

Webinars, team building and group coaching workshops – helping companies build effective teams and future leaders either by improving “team” or communication. Or simply to deal with sticking points that are affecting productivity. Speak to me about the problems facing your organization. I can help and discuss a fee structure to suit your needs.

Specific Group Coaching Programs run year-round. Please contact us for upcoming group opportunities. I work remotely with all of my clients via phone and/or web, so time zones and oceans won’t keep us apart. speaking – I am an accomplished speaker and frequently talk to groups about how to improve their lives and/or businesses.

Other tailor made packages or workshops – There maybe particular areas you would like to work on. Contact me. I can help with this.

I have particular expertise and experience in helping lawyers and professionals as well as entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior executives considering career changes or how to make their existing careers and businesses more positive and rewarding for them.

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'Pete has a brilliant way of putting you at ease even asking the most challenging questions. Without a doubt he has helped me to know myself better and therefore unlock my strengths.'

Leah P – London, United Kingdom

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