How coaching helps

I am a Business, Life and Leadership Coach who helps individuals and businesses to become more successful. As an Ontological Coach, it is all about the Coach partnering with the client to promote thought provoking and creative processes that inspire and help clients to be able to maximize their full potential, whether that be in their business or personal life.

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Services I provide

One to One Coaching, which usually takes the form of weekly sessions which can be in person, via video conferencing , or telephone. I help my clients get results by guiding them through a path to gain clarity in their lives and a clear plan for the future. I charge monthly which consists of 4 one hour sessions plus improntu support as required between sessions

Leadership and Communication training sessions for CEO's, professionals and executives, especially attorneys and other professionals, who have either hit a crossroads or just need that extra help to make their life more effective and fulfilling!

Webinars, team building and group coaching workshops – helping companies build effective teams and future leaders either by improving “team” or communication. Or simply to deal with sticking points that are affecting productivity. Speak to me about the problems facing your organization. I can help and discuss a fee structure to suit your needs.

Keynote speaking – I am an accomplished speaker and frequently talk to groups about how to improve their lives and/or businesses.

Other tailor made packages or workshops – There maybe particular areas you would like to work on. Contact me. I can help with this.

I have particular expertise and experience in helping lawyers and professionals as well as entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior executives considering career changes or how to make their existing careers and businesses more positive and rewarding for them.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like work with me for not just a better life but one that you desire and deserve!

'Pete has a brilliant way of putting you at ease even asking the most challenging questions. Without a doubt he has helped me to know myself better and therefore unlock my strengths.'

Leah P – London, United Kingdom

My thoughts


Friday Fix

Think about what you would like to achieve this weekend? Go on and enjoy yourself. You have to have time to relax and recharge your batteries!

Wednesday Wonder

How’s your week going? Have you given any thought as to how having long term plans might make your journey easier to visualise? Why not give it some thought to see?

Monday Mission

It’s Monday! Start your week with positivity. Clear your mind of anything which is going to stop you achieving your goals! Don’t over extend yourself. Have sensible objectives and don’t be afraid to have baby steps!

Groundhog Day 2019

Today is Groundhog Day when a small and arguably cute creature will indicate whether we have an early spring or 8 more weeks of winter! It’s has been proven, surprisingly you might think, that the predictions have no scientific standing whatsoever and in fact have largely been incorrect…… The day is also held as synonymous with the 1993 movie “Groundhog […]

Friday Fix

The week didn’t go well? Don’t beat yourself up! Celebrate your achievements, regroup, review and enjoy your weekend!

Reasons to hire a Life Coach

I was at an event last weekend and was trying to think of my sales pitch and why anyone should, or for that matter, would want to hire a Life or Business Coach! That is not to say I doubt a reason to do so. On the contrary I know the value and power of Coaching because I have been […]

Wednesday Wonder!

How’s that task list coming along? If you’ve had a breakdown in completing your tasks, don’t worry, just review and revise it! We all have to have Breakdowns, in order to achieve Breakthroughs!

Monday Mission

Start your week with conviction! Prepare a “To Do List” on Monday and keep a track throughout the week of your tasks! Don’t be afraid to review your actions and revise accordingly within reason!

Friday “Fix”

Welcome to my Friday Fix! These are my suggestions for you to end your working week! It’s the end of the week! Give a thought about anything negative which has happened this week and put it to bed. It’s in the pass and no longer matters! Clear yourself and get ready for the weekend! Remember how amazing you are and […]

Growing In Jersey City Wellness Event – Sunday 26 January 2019

Hi all! I am going to be one of the exhibitors at the “Growing in Jersey City Wellness Day” on Sunday I am a professionally trained Ontological Life & Business Coach. What does that mean? Well, Ontology is the study of the nature of being. As ontological coaches, we support our clients in looking first at who they are […]

The dynamic of feedback

I have just sent out my first ever newsletter using Mailchimp and I’m finding the unsubscribes rather fascinating. Most are simple removal requests which I had hoped for so that my subscribers list can be cleaned up. Relax! What I find fascinating are some of the comments which are full of frustration and judgment. Imagine if they simply unsubscribed and […]

Anxiety And That Sunday Evening Feeling!

As I write this article it is Sunday night, I have the Oscar ceremony playing on my second computer screen and I am thinking about Monday as well as what is on my list of things to do, appointments, and other commitments. I’m busy, really very busy, and I also have to fit in a trip to the doctors for […]

If you would like to see if coaching is right for you, contact me to book a free session, with no strings attached by emailing: or call me in the USA on +917 727 1421 or if you are in the UK on +44 7930 507081


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