Friday Fix

Think about what you would like to achieve this weekend? Go on and enjoy yourself. You have to have time to relax and recharge your batteries!

Wednesday Wonder

How’s your week going? Have you given any thought as to how having long term plans might make your journey easier to visualise? Why not give it some thought to see?

Monday Mission

It’s Monday! Start your week with positivity. Clear your mind of anything which is going to stop you achieving your goals! Don’t over extend yourself. Have sensible objectives and don’t be afraid to have baby steps!

Groundhog Day 2019

Today is Groundhog Day when a small and arguably cute creature will indicate whether we have an early spring or 8 more weeks of winter! It’s has been proven, surprisingly you might think, that the predictions have no scientific standing whatsoever and in fact have largely been incorrect…… The day is also held as synonymous with the 1993 movie “Groundhog […]

Friday Fix

The week didn’t go well? Don’t beat yourself up! Celebrate your achievements, regroup, review and enjoy your weekend!

Reasons to hire a Life Coach

I was at an event last weekend and was trying to think of my sales pitch and why anyone should, or for that matter, would want to hire a Life or Business Coach! That is not to say I doubt a reason to do so. On the contrary I know the value and power of Coaching because I have been […]

Wednesday Wonder!

How’s that task list coming along? If you’ve had a breakdown in completing your tasks, don’t worry, just review and revise it! We all have to have Breakdowns, in order to achieve Breakthroughs!

Monday Mission

Start your week with conviction! Prepare a “To Do List” on Monday and keep a track throughout the week of your tasks! Don’t be afraid to review your actions and revise accordingly within reason!

Friday “Fix”

Welcome to my Friday Fix! These are my suggestions for you to end your working week! It’s the end of the week! Give a thought about anything negative which has happened this week and put it to bed. It’s in the pass and no longer matters! Clear yourself and get ready for the weekend! Remember how amazing you are and […]

Growing In Jersey City Wellness Event – Sunday 26 January 2019

Hi all! I am going to be one of the exhibitors at the “Growing in Jersey City Wellness Day” on Sunday https://www.growinginjerseycity.com I am a professionally trained Ontological Life & Business Coach. What does that mean? Well, Ontology is the study of the nature of being. As ontological coaches, we support our clients in looking first at who they are […]

What is Coaching Anyway?

There are so many ways to provide in-depth analysis and explanation as to coaching but put simply, coaching is a process that aims to improve an individual or businesses performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future. It builds for the future How does coaching work? There are many different forms of coaching, […]

Hello and welcome to petergourri.com

Welcome to my website! Hello and thank you for reading my first post!  I hope you find my insights helpful. I help people to have better lives and business. I do this utilizing the skills I have a acquired through 30 years of business, and as part of my continuous efforts to improve my knowledge as well as skills to […]

Why would anyone need a life coach!

An interesting question came up today which directly affects my future career plans but it occurs to me also my past. I’ll explain! Over ten years ago I was a successful but stressed out lawyer with no life or even less joy in my life. This was not caused by the loved ones and friends around me but by me, […]

Want to be a better networker? I wrote a book!

If you ever wanted to be a better business networker, buy my book now which is available on Amazon worldwide sites now from $2.99 or equivalent local currency! I wrote this book to help people to achieve more success when networking and to help them become a success in whatever area they are seeking to succeed in. Take a look […]